Book of Knowledge (Last modified: 02/09/2006)

Set forth upon these pages is a brief account of the knowledge that all wise adventurers should carry with them as they venture forth into the realms. Your quest begins at the Tree of Life. From the tree your path can go many directions, to limbo for the foolish and to vast wealth and treasures for those who are well prepared and knowledgeable from the beginning. You will begin at level one, and your goal is to rise in level and status, until you have traveled the farthest reaches, gained the highest treasures, and defeated the most powerful of monsters. Very few will reach this height, so good luck to you. Here is some information you should know and use about the Land of Isengard, and the classes, guilds and races within.

Some players will find that they need to request "authorization". Type help policy to see more information about authorization.

Character Classes

There are various classes you chose from when you begin a character.

COMBAT THAC0 slow average good fast
CASTING TIME fast fast slow slow
WEAPON PROF slow average good fast
SPELL REALM fast good average slow
WAND USE all wands know realm know spell have proficiency
ARMOR USE poor fair fair good

Master of the Arcane & Mystical energies that bind the universe together, a mage can teach low level spells to other players, once the mage has learned them. Mages are the best at casting and harnessing the vast energies unleashed by spells and thus rise to great power and cast greater magics quicker than any other class. Mages also have no restrictions on using wands.

Skills Progression: Suggested Races: Key Statistics:

Teach (level 1)
Recharge (level 7)
Identify (level 13)

Master of the ways of divinity, these men and women also have better knowledge of the souls and bodies of their flock and thus heal better than average, and since they are second only to mages in casting of spells, they rise slightly slower than mages in harnessing the awesome powers but do so more quickly than the rest. Because of their less than total mastery of spellcraft, they are only required to know the realm of the wand they attempt to use, instead of freely using any.

Skills Progression: Suggested Races: Key Statistics:

Pray (level 1)
Turn (level 7)
Laying On Hands (Level 13)

A rogue is a swashbuckler who relies on stealth rather than brute force or magical ability. Rogues are clever and are noted for their ability to deal large amounts of damage quickly to their opponents. They are experts at stealth skills but learn magic more haphazardly and slowly. They gain in weapon proficiency more quickly than priests and mages, but slower than warriors. Because they do not learn magic easily, to use wands, they must know the realm and know the spell.

Skills Progression: Suggested Races: Key Statistics:

Backstab (level 1)
Pick (level 1)
Disguise (level 4)
Dual Wield (level 7)
Throw (level 13)

The warrior is a master of the fighting arts. As the fighter advances he will achieve great proficiency in the use of weapons. Hearty warriors are capable of sustaining blow after blow from opponents. They gain the knowledge of arms as quickly as a mage learns to cast spells. But, they find the mearning of magic difficult at best, hence they progress the slowest in realms, and are required to know the realm, spell AND have the required proficiency in the realm before using a wand.

Skills Progression: Suggested Races: Key Statistics:

Circle (level 1)
Repair (level 4)
Bash (level 7)
Berserk (level 13)


Guilds are ancient societies made up of people with similar economic and political goals. A person would pledge their allegiance to a guild in return for tangible benefits. Guilding is a way for a group of players to band together and fight for a similar cause.

In Isengard, guilds serve as professions or subclasses of specialization. For the experienced Isengard player, guilding adds a new and exciting dimension to player interaction; enjoy the camaraderie, responsibilities, rivalry, and hatred of guild life!

Guilds accept new members who are level 10 or greater. To join a guild a player must find the guild master and pledge their allegiance to them.


The accrused are those individuals who have forsaken the natural world, and instead follow what is considered to be a darker path towards wisdom. They enjoy the state of evil and therefore reject all that is holy and good. Because of their decrepit spiritual state, the accrused are no longer able to heal naturally. They instead must rely on magical healing or drawing life from the recently dead or dying. Thus they have the arcane ability to replenish their life force when they wound other creatures.

A player may join the Accrused guild at level 10, but must be first trained in both the Life and Fire magic realms, and either the Slash or Stab weapon proficiency. Accrused enjoy using slashing weapons to draw blood.

Skill Progression: Vampyric Touch (level 10), Blaspheme (level 13), Wither (level 16)


The bard is a very clever and resourceful character guild. Bards can be expected to spend their lives in search of knowledge of the arts and sciences. The young bard is usually quite foolish. The more scholarly bards can entertain an entire room with a song which will envigorate all. Also, bards have been known to charm friends and foes so completely that they are beyond harm.

A player may join the Bard guild at level 10. No special qualifications are required to join.

Skill Progression: Sing (level 10), Play (level 13), Charm (level 16)


As brave warriors and of righteousness and order, Crusaders lead the religiously faithful of Isengard. Because of this Crusaders must try to be good aligned in order to inflict damage and turn the undead. Crusaders are also better than average healers.

A player may join the Crusader guild at level 10, but must be trained in both the Life magic Realm and the Polearm weapon proficiency.

Skill Progression: Know-aura (level 10), Taunt (level 10), Turn (level 13), Charge (level 16)


The hunter guild is for those who desire the skills of hunting and stealth.

A player may join the Hunter guild at level 10, but must be first trained in the Missile proficiency and the Divination realm before they may join.

Skill Progression: Track (level 10), Scout (level 13), Longshot (level 16)


The monk is an agile master of martial arts combat. Monks call upon their inner mental strength to perform a variety of feats including meditatic healing and special unarmed attacks. A monk spends much effort in their quest for inner harmony.

A player may join the Monk guild at level 10, but must be first trained in the Life magic realm and the Unarmed weapon proficiency before they may join. Monks focus on special unarmed combat and do not use armor or most weapons. Likewise, monks who are able to use the circle skill do so at a lessened ability since circling an enemy prevents them from using their close-quarter combat skills efficiently.

Skill Progression: Meditate (level 10), Touch (level 16)


A sorcerer is a master of the natural arts, and can use his or her powers to manipulate the physical world about them, particularly as it relates to living beings. Not only are they able to use potions normally, they may also choose to to bend and warp the magic of potions to become effective upon others rather than on themselves, much the way a wand works.

A player may join the Sorcerer guild at level 10, but must be first trained in the Sorcery and Water realms before they may join.

Skill Progression: Use Potion On Others (level 10), Transform (level 10), Shimmer (level 13), Focus (level 16)


The thief profession is one of stealth. Capable of picking locks and stealing from opponents, thieves are also capable of sneaking undetected from place to place. Rogue theives are especially capable of picking locks.

A player may join the Thief guild at level 10. No special qualifications are required to join.

Skill Progression: Peek(level 10), Pick Lock (level 10) Steal (Level 10), Offer (Level 16)


A wizard is a a master of phyical materials and of the natural elements that make up all life. They are particularly fond of metals and gems, and can become great artificers capable of transmuting normal elements into true magical materials. Wizards are a mage specialty, and so are competent spell casters.

A player may join the Wizard guild at level 10, but must be first trained in the Arcana and Wind realms before they may join.

Skill Progression: Detect magic (Level 10), transmute (level 10), enchant (level 16)


**Dark Elf**

Dark elves, hating all and hated by all, are elves who have abandoned their sylvan roots to dwell in the deepest of subterranean lairs. Worshipping the hideously cruel arachnid god, Lolth, their contempt for all life makes them excellent assassins, often plying their trade more for enjoyment than necessity. Dark elves can see in the dark.

Initial stat modifiers: DEX +1, INT +1, PTY -2


A dwarf is a stocky and short demihuman, standing about 4 feet tall. Dwarves are sturdy fighters, and are known to be stubborn and practical. They typically dwell beneath the surface, seeking their fortune through mining the earth. They also possess the ability to see in the dark.

Initial stat modifiers: STR +1, CON +1, PTY -2


One of the eldest races, elves have accumulated a vast collection of arcane knowledge over their vast cultural tenure. Slightly smaller than humans, with a hint of frailty, they rely on their wits to survive and prosper. Elves have a close kindship with the woods, and their ability to see in the dark blends well with their love of deep forests. Elves can see in the dark.

Initial stat modifiers: STR -1, CON -1, INT +2


The most pious of races, gnomes are the surface-dwelling cousin to the dwarf. Though small in stature, they make excellent clerics, druids, and paladins. Because of they often have ties to the divine art of healing, gnomes are well sought-after companions.

Initial stat modifiers: STR -1, CON -1, PTY +2


A race of ill-intentioned demihumans, the goblin is usually found beneath the earth, contesting space with the other subterranean races, who they despise greatly. They are not very bright, but their small size gives them advantages as far as speed and agility. Goblins can see in the dark.

Initial stat modifiers: INT -1, DEX +1

**Half Elf**

Half-elves are the product of a human and elven couple, and while not embraced by either culture, they are generally liked by all. Though smaller than humans, their elven lineage makes them of above average intelligence. Their multi-cultural heritage makes them diversely skilled in both melee and arcana, and are typically welcomed into any adventuring party.

Initial stat modifiers: STR -1, INT +1

**Half Giant**

Half-giants are the results of an unusual couple, a giant and a human. The offspring of such a pair is typically both enormous in size and in strength, towering over the common townsfolk. While not as pious or intelligent as some, their enormity makes them excellent warriors, having little or no fear of combat.

Initial stat modifiers: STR +2, INT -1, PTY -1

**Half Orc**

The product of an orc and human couple, these large, powerful demihumans are generally viewed with suspicion by either of their descendant races. Their orcish heritage often leads them to be fierce combatants, shunning the mystic arts for the thrill of hand-to-hand combat. They are slightly less pious than average, concentrating more on melee.

Initial stat modifiers: STR +1, PTY -1


These home-loving, gentle demihumans are also known as halflings. They are the nimblest of races which, combined with their small stature, makes them excel at dexterity-related activities, whether it be thievery or exploring tangled brush. Their strength and piety are slightly less than those of humans.

Initial stat modifiers: STR -1, DEX +2, PTY -1


The most common race, humans typically make their living by farming the land or bartering goods with other races. There are, however, those among them who know their destinies lie elsewhere and yearn for adventure.

Initial stat modifiers: CON +1


Ogres are a race of huge demihumans, second only to half-giants in size and strength. They are generally intolerant of other races, prefering solitude to reign over their tiny fiefdoms, although they have been known the form strategic alliances to further their domination of the smaller races. Their brutish strength is offset by their below-average intellectual capacity.

Initial stat modifiers: STR +1, INT -1


Orcs are large, volatile demihumans, feared and respected as the most war-proficient race. Their strength and agility have earned them a name as excellent fighters. Their combat prowess is offset by their lack of piety and their general difficulty with solving complex problems. Orcs can also see in the dark.

Initial stat modifiers: STR +1, DEX +1, INT -1, PTY -1


Large, strong, ugly and stupid, trolls enjoy to hoard treasure, kill for pleasure and eat raw flesh. Trolls generally prefer to travel alone, but can sometimes be found in groups of three or more. Their life of feasting on whatever putrescent sustenance crosses their path gives them amazing constitution, but they lack wits and piety. Able to see in complete darkness, they have little reason other than hunger to venture out into the light.

Initial stat modifiers: CON +2, INT -1, PTY -1

Lawful/Chaotic Status

Characters begin with an alignment of lawful. This means that a player may not attack or steal from other players. Likewise this also means that a player cannot be harassed by others.

At level 7 however, a player may choose to make his or her character CHOATIC by using the choatic command. Being chaotic is to accept the hardships of dying or being stolen from other players. You may use this command (and therefore turn Chaotic) only while level 7, after which you no longer have that ability.

From time to time, a powerful chaotic character may decide to wreak havoc upon anyone of a lower level, and DECIDE TO PICK ON YOU. Do not expect or anticipate any help or sympathy from the Dungeonmasters. Remember then, that if you chose to be chaotic, you must accept both its benefits and its penalties.

If you find you have made the wrong decision by changing your alignment, you may use the LAWFUL command anytime while level 8 or higher, to change back to a lawful alignment. This is a one-way change and may never be reversed.

Can you be pkilled and lose experience?

Chaotic In Guild In Clan Holding Relic

Chaotic yes yes yes yes
Lawful no no no no

Getting Started

Where to begin: There are several areas designed for beginning adventurers, look for these in the areas surrounding the Tree of Life. You will find plenty of areas to get you started. You should also talk to monsters and other characters.

A note on quests and quest items: Once you have attained your third title, you may want to begin looking for quest items and begin completing the quests. To begin on your first quests, try talking to some of the permanent monsters scattered around the land. Of course, be sure to look at it before talking to it, or else you might find yourself in a battle you cannot win.