Isengard Player Policy (Last modified: 12/24/2005)


The following actions are prohibited, and anyone caught breaking these rules will be subject to punishments such as prison time, being made an outcast, character deletion or site lockout.

  1. The harassment of other players. Some banter between rival players is normal and and part of the game. But harassment occurs with the making of unwanted and offensive remarks or acts against another player in person or on public talk channels that include but are not exclusively limited to: the use of abusive language, intentionally flooding or spamming another player, repeated verbal threats, repeated action abuse.
  2. Arguing publicly - keep it private.
  3. Arguing with an immortal regarding your behaviour.
  4. Sharing or giving away characters that you create.
  5. Using bots or triggers to keep playing while idle or away.
  6. Advertising other MUDS here.
  7. Crashing the game.
  8. Dragging aggressive monsters. It is a form of harassment.
  9. Multi-logging more than one player at a time.
  10. Exploiting known code bug for profit.
  11. Intentionally allowing your character to be exploited by another player.
  12. Impersonating an immortal.
  13. Stealing another player's character.
  14. Suicide of another player's character.

NOTE: These are the minimum punishments. For players that repeatedly reoffend, multiply the punishment by the number of times they have been caught committing the crime.

1. Directing abusive language or harassment
Spamming other players intentionally
Outcast or jail, 1 day
Jail, 2 weeks
2. Excessive public arguing Silence or outcast
3. Arguing with an immortal over behavior Silence, outcast, or jail
4. Sharing characters or passwords Jail, 2 weeks
5. Using Robots Dust robot, jail other 1 month
6. Advertising other MUDS here Silence or outcast
7. Crashing the game (first offence)
Crashing the game more than once
Jail until beans are spilled
Dust, site lockout
8. Dragging aggros, 'mob-killing' players Outcast
9. Multi-Logging Jail, 1 week, both chars
10. Exploiting known bugs Jail, 1 month
11. Willingly allowing guild members to steal from you or kill you solely to gain experience Jail, 1 month for both
12. Impersonating an immortal Dust
13. Theft of a character Jail, 1 month (your char, not the stolen one)
14. Suicide of another's character Dust

The following actions are not prohibited, but are discouraged because they lessen the enjoyment of the game for other players. Consistent abuse of good etiquette may also earn punishment.

  1. Do not get all - You should not get more than you deserve, especially since other players have usually worked hard to get whatever it is you are grabbing.
  2. Do not summon players unknowingly to aggressive monsters - The best lesson here is to 'set nosummon', and if you are going to be summoned, be sure that it is by someone you can trust.

The economy and commerce of Isengard is a product of player interaction. As immortals we have no interest in attempting to control the "invisible hand" of market forces, or imposing rules upon commerce. With this noted, we offer the following advice: Buyers Beware!


Occasionally immortals run special events, such as goblin invasions, raving monsters, quests, or holiday events. Many of these events can prove harmful and dangerous to low level characters. ENGAGE IN THESE EVENTS AT YOUR OWN RISK! If you have any doubts, run and hide or log off for a while.


Running a MUD does take quite a bit of time and effort to do well. The primary involvement of the staff is to improve, develop and enlarge the game. This means we are not always able to devote large amounts of time to interacting with players.

If you want advice, help or have a problem, please try to solve it within the game community. If your problem is something that necessitates the attention of a DM, please mudmail us, and wait patiently.

If your character dies as a result of the actions of another player, you will NOT be reimbursed for the loss. If the actions were illegal, then report the crime so that we consider an appropriate punishment.

Note that a DM is the ultimate authority on matters of policy. A DM may make a policy statement on a matter not expressly stated in this policy. If you feel that a policy decision made by a DM is unreasonable, then you may appeal to the other DMs by mudmail for a ruling. It is almost unheard of that a decision of a DM is overturned.


Punishment can include jail time, outcasting, site blocking, or dusting. Any of the above crimes can be punished with any of these punishments or a combination of these punishments.

Players who have caused excessive problems will be made outcasts. Outcasts should be shunned and killed whenever possible. Outcasts may be killed by any other player and will find no haven until they are killed. Outcasts are denoted with a (O).

This file is subject to change without notice and players are encouraged to check it frequently. Ignorance of the current policy is NOT an acceptable excuse.