Here are some maps of basic areas in Isengard, as well as a map of Isengard itself.

There is a new version of the Isengard world map: a high resolution map (860x600) which is about 200k in size, and a medium resolution map (640x440) which is about 90k in size.

For low graphic maps of the cities (although without street names) visit the Isengard Grimoire. Maps of specific areas in Isengard can also be found there. All maps at the Grimoire were created by Kimiye Welch. You can find copies of some below as well, among the maps created by players over the years. These maps are fairly specific and you may want to explore on your own before looking at them, but if you are the type of player that often uses hint books, go right ahead...

Adrilite Museum Allisk Plains Armenelos The Asylum
Barbarian Camp Bree Celduin Express Esgaroth
Etolos Forest Goblin's Lair Haunted Mansion Imladris
Leviathan Way Misty Trail North Fork Road Scranlin's Zoo
Shantytown Spindril's Castle Thunder Cove  

If you've created a map of Isengard or a specific area, email the webmaster and we will be happy to host it on this site.