09 February 2006

The great port city of Umbar is open to sea travelers! Seek passage on the Celduin Express to Mithlond. Then book passage to Umbar on the Omani Princess.

The Arminas Potion Factory is back in business! Hurry while the royal warrant for production still stands!

21 January 2006

A royal warrant was issued today against the Arminas Potion Factory, and its premises was searched by royal officals. Rumors abound that Mark Frey has bowed to pressure from the Sorcerer's Guild and has been forced to stop producing resist-magic potions. In compensation he has been given the secrets to manufacture seperate potions for the elemental realms. Under license from the Guild he now produces both resist and shield potions for all four realms.

09 Janaury 2006

Wary be ye travelers! Farmers of the White Downs have seen Spindril's castle floating eerily past, settling into a stationary orbit nearby. Even certain inebriated halfling of Hobbiton have confirmed this truth.

Do ye fancy sea travel? Traders journeying along the Evendim Trail have reported that the gates of the sea haven of Mithlond are now open along the western ocean.

06 October 2005

There be a tale of land with strange tombs, ripe for the looting! No doubt this too is a tale grown long in the telling. Seek this land of sand and death near gate of the bards.

Tired of feeling worn out? If so, seek Denethore and learn about the cure-malady spell quest.

Rumors speak of the ability to remove all the vile and terrible curse that plague your everday life of adventuring. Only Denethore knows the path.

Do ye fancy the ability to freeze the hearts of thy enemies? Do ye also have the courage to face an evil that will make thy blood run cold? If so, seek Denethore and learn about the stun spell.

If ye be not so stout of heart, perhaps a more simple spell is in order. Seek Denethore and he will read your heart and then speak about the fumble spell quest.

Seek Moria and its evil pits if ye desire the powers to silence thy enemies. Speak with Denthore if ye covet such power.

Let it be known that the Lost Mountain of Erebor is no longer lost! So say the dwarves that have returned from trading to the northeast.

The arcane ability to magically teleport an item to a friend is now possible. Denethore knows this path well.