Isengard Mud

Welcome to the official Isengard home page.

We are now sporting a new version of code - Mordor 7.0!

Isengard is a MUD (Multi-User Dungeon). It is a real time game in which you can interact with other users in a huge fantasy world. Everything from newbie questions to information on muds in general can be found here. At any time you can click on the "Home" link (in the left hand column) to return to this page.

You can reach Isengard by using our Java Interface. However, this does require a Java and Frames Capable Browser and has been tested with Netscape 3.0+ and IE 3.0+. If you prefer your own telnet client, then click here. If you simply want the address to import into a seperate MUD client, it is port 4040.

A number of changes highlight the newest version of Isengard, including: four basic classes, eight unique guilds, new armor rating and effects, new spells, and new quests. Even though there are fewer classes than before, any class may choose to join any guild, which means a total of 36 different class/guild combinations are possible. One new guild is the Accursed, similiar to an anti-paladin. As an accursed you obtain a few unique skills, the need to stay evil, and the ability to drain life from creatures.

Another significant change regards training. Players no longer automatically recieve the ability to use all weapons and spells. Weapon/Spell proficiencies are obtained every three levels of training. When you first create your character, We suggest trying out a test character first to explore your options, research the guilds and their requirements, and learn about what requirements are need to join each guild. We also suggest initailly training in the life realm so you are able to cast healing spells.

Be sure to visit the Rumors section to see what may be in store for the future.

If you have any suggestions for improving this page, please feel free to send email to the webpage administrator. For other contact information look in the contact section. Good Luck!!