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Located in this section are several guides and docs to help you familiarize yourself with Isengard.

The book of knowledge contains a brief summary of each of the character classes and races to choose from. It also lists the important statistics for each class and a suggestion of which races are ideal.

The player's guide is an introduction to the basic and most important commands in the game. This manual will tell you how to move around in Isengard, interact with your fellow players and includes some tips on getting to the next level.

The player policy is very important. These are the rules and laws of Isengard. Breaking them can result in jailtime or even having your site locked out based on the seriousness of the offense. You should familiarize yourself with the policy so as not to accidently break a law (ignorance is no defense).

The on-line help files are an html version of the help files you can read in-game by typing "help [command]". Included is a list of all social commands.

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