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Player Policies

Last modification: 23MAY98

The following actions are prohibited on the game, and anyone caught breaking these rules will be subject to punishments such as prison time, loss of experience, character deletion or site lockout.

  1. Do not crash the game.
    Crashers ruin the game for everyone, so if you are on during a crash and suspect that another character may have been the cause, please mail a DM.
    This is punishable by site lockout.
  2. Do not sell quest or training items.
    The quests and training are a vital part of the game, and players are encouraged to share information, go on quests together, and share quest items. However, you should never sell or purchase _any_ quest or training item.
  3. Do not drag aggressive monsters.
    Intentionally bringing aggressive monsters into areas that they do not belong is prohibited.
  4. Do not flood or 'spam' other players.
    The best way to handle this is to ignore the player, and allow a caretaker to deal out the punishment. This includes, but is not limited to, repeated flashes and emotes.
  5. Do not multi-log.
    This is to insure that everyone has equal access to the game. This does not mean that you can't have multiple characters, just that you should concentrate on playing _one_ at a time. ***Do not log in more than one of your characters at a time.*** This is regardless of the number of accounts or computers you have at your disposal.

    Strange things have been known to happen to characters that abuse this policy. NOTE: For policy purposes a log into the queue is considered a log into the game, and queue loading will be dealt with severely.

  6. Do not use robots on the game
    One of the most enjoyable aspects of Isengard is the interaction between players. Robots upset the balance of the game, and require the scenario to be made more difficult to accomodate them.
  7. Do not skip level quests for your class
    Many classes are required to accomplish some task in addition to gaining enough experience and gold to level. Power leveling is considered illegal and may result in you being trapped in a training room, or killed.
  8. Do not share characters.
    We are tired of getting mail from people complaining that their character was stolen/killed by someone they were 'sharing' their character with. If you are caught sharing a character, the character will be deleted and you could be jailed.

Player Etiquette:

The following actions are not prohibited, but are discouraged because they lessen the enjoyment of the game for other players.
  1. Do not get all
    You should not get more than you deserve, especially since other players have usually worked hard to get whatever it is you are grabbing.
  2. Do not summon players unknowingly to aggressive monsters.
    The best lesson here is to 'set nosummon', and if you are going to be summoned, be sure that it is by someone you can trust.
  3. Please do not use excessive foul language
    It is good to remember that the other players on the game are actually real people, and that the use of excessive racist, sexist, or foul language may offend some people. If you are unable to control yourself, refrain from using such remarks when you broadcast. This also includes the use of character names. In general, we dont mind what is broadcast as long as it is between the hours of midnight to 6am PST.

Note on the Economy:

The economy and commerce of Isengard is a product of players interaction. As DMs we have no interest in attempting to control the "invisible hand" of market forces, or imposing rules upon commerce. With this noted, we offer the following advice: Buyers Beware!

DM and Caretaker Policies:

Due to the age of Isengard (it has been running since mid-1993), many of the DMs have moved on to other projects, or have had to retire for one reason or another. As you may imagine, running a MUD does take quite a bit of time and effort to do well. At this time Isengard is running with a minimal crew of DMs and Caretakers. Please do not expect a great deal of interaction or help from us since we are rarely on, and when we are it is to take care of matters critical for the functioning of Isengard. If you have a problem, please try to solve it within the game community. If your problem is something that necessitates the attention of a DM, please mail us, and wait patiently.

The alternative to a no-DM version of Isengard is to shut down for good. We realize that it would be better if DMs were regularly available, and ask that you understand that we can no longer devote large amounts of time to interacting with players.

In addition, please note that a DM is the ultimate authority on matters of policy. A DM may make a policy statement on a matter not expressly stated in this policy. If you feel that a policy decision made by a DM is unresonable, then you may appeal to the other DMs for a ruling.

This file is subject to change without notice and players are encouraged to check it frequently. Ignorance is no excuse.

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